Wilco Cancels Indianapolis Concert in Response to the RFRA

By | March 30, 2015

The Grammy award-winning group Wilco has decided to cancel their May 7 scheduled show at the Murat Theatre in Indianapolis, IN due to Indiana’s new controversial law that many critics belive supports discrimination.

“We are canceling our May 7 show at the Murat in Indianapolis. The ‘Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act’ feels like thinly disguised legal discrimination to us. Hope to get back to the Hoosier State someday soon, when this odious measure is repealed. Refunds available at point of purchase.”

Wilco has received mixed fan feedback on their Facebook web page. Dale R. questions “Why punish your fans? You should rather enlighten and empower your fan base to make a difference with fuel from your music.”

Although much of the feedback appears to be supportive. Kathy L. writes “Well as a Hoosier, Wilco fan and an oposer of this decision I am sad that I won’t be able to see wilco here or at summer camp music fest. However, my decision to move to upstate NY will most likely afford me plenty of opportunity to enjoy them and others who will not come to Indiana now. It sucks for the state’s economy and majority who oppose this bill, but we as a nation cannot stand for this disregard for civil rights and “democracy.” Good for you Wilco. Way to stand up for what’s right!”

Wilco is the first major entertainment act to cancel a scheduled appearance in Indiana based on the new controversial legislation. Wilco has 13 upcoming concerts scheduled this sumer in addition to playing festivals such as The New Orleans Jazz Festival in April.

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